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Shterna Raskin

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Online

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My name is Shterna Raskin. I am a recent graduate from Billy Blue College of Design, Torrens University, with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial).

I grew up in a large and close-knit family, and my formative years were enriched by a deep fascination with design and envisioning the incredible transformations I could one day bring to my own family home. This in turn led me to pursue my passion for creating inviting spaces through study, into a rewarding career. Focusing on Commercial Interiors, I am drawn to the creative potential they offer and the chance to positively impact a wider audience by enhancing their interactions and experiences within these environments. 

I have a strong commitment and drive to deliver consistent high-quality work that exceeds the expectations of my clients. I firmly believe that effective design should harmonize aesthetics with practicality. My driving force is the profound satisfaction that comes from turning an ordinary space into something both functional and truly remarkable. 

In my free time I find joy in reading, drawing and hanging out with friends.
​I regularly participate in group sports, which instill a sense of teamwork and friendly competition.

Chia Se

Chia Se, nestled in the scenic Goulburn Valley of Victoria, seamlessly combines Vietnamese and Australian cultures. Designed for renowned Australian Chef Luke Nguyen, the restaurant encourages social dining with various seating options, echoing the Vietnamese spirit of sharing. Located in fertile farmlands, Chia Se prioritises fresh ingredients, reflecting Nguyen's culinary philosophy.

Inspired by Vietnamese landscapes, the interior design harmoniously blends with the Australian outback, featuring sculptural bamboo pillars and bespoke joinery mirroring rice terraces. The tiered outdoor seating and large windows provide a unique dining experience, connecting patrons with the lush surroundings.

Chia Se is a visual and culinary fusion, offering an authentic and harmonious dining escape that engages all the senses, from taste and aroma to the crisp air, social interaction, and captivating traditional art. This restaurant is a must-visit destination for those seeking a bridge between two worlds.

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Chadstone's Smiggle store has undergone a transformative redesign, creating a vibrant brand experience for young consumers. The design draws inspiration from the playful slinky toy, with a focus on optimising in-store interaction in the era of online shopping. Utilising principles from the Event Theory*, the compact space is curated to showcase Smiggle’s bestselling products, provide interactive exploration through product testing stands and provide a fully immersive brand experience via the Augmented Reality shopping mirrors. The thoughtful spatial layout ensures accessibility, and according to Smiggle, visiting the store feels like "receiving a warm hug from your best friend."

*The Event Theory is an approach that strategically divides a space into distinct sections, such as "Everyday Events," "Memorable Moments," and "Major Milestones," to optimise consumer engagement and create a memorable brand experience.

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