Interior Design Commercial

Seoyeon Son

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Melbourne

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I am a dedicated and aspiring interior designer with a strong foundation in commercial interior design acquired through my studies at Torrens University. My profound passion for architecture has been a driving force throughout my life, further fuelled by my hobby in architectural photography.​

Recognising the impact of interior design on our lives and well-being, I am committed to creating spaces that captivate and engage individuals providing them with both comfort and enjoyment and in doing so encouraging return visits.

My objective is to forge meaningful connections with people, leveraging creativity and innovation to design spaces that bring joy and enhance overall quality of life.

Old Palm Liquor-Architecture Photography

Old Palm Liquor emerges as a vintage masterpiece, captured by Canon R5 with a Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8L lens. The distinctive roofing system floods the interior with natural light, emphasizing its timeless beauty. This image series captures the spirit of the architectural attraction of Old Palm Liquor, elegantly mixing nostalgic elegance with the accuracy of modern technology. Each image invites viewers to bask in the warm brightness and marvel at the rich complexity of this captivating vintage treasure.

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Halikarnas Turkish Restaurant-Food Photography

At Halikarnas Turkish Restaurant, experience a sensual symphony of Turkish delights captured through Canon R5 with a Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8L lens. This culinary photography project honors Turkish cuisine's craftsmanship, expertly illuminated by the pure essence of natural light. Each dish is creatively framed, transforming it into a visual feast that invites you to appreciate the textures and flavors that define Halikarnas. Experience a culinary journey that transcends taste, capturing the spirit of Turkish food in every sunlit photo, through this lens.

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