Interior Design Commercial

Jesikah Dillon

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Ultimo

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My name is Jesikah and I am a recent graduate from Billy Blue College of Design (Torrens University) with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial). I love all things design which has been a big part of my life since I was around 6 years old. From mocking up doll houses with cardboard boxes to digitally producing interior concepts - my passion for interior design grows daily. I keep an open mind and a positive attitude when working. I thrive in a creative environment and always welcome a challenge.


The aim for creating the interior of Scotti's was to introduce a harmonious blend of mid-century modern elegance and whimsy that also reflected the brand of renowned gelato chef, Massimiliano Scotti. Scotti's brand is contemporary yet features a typical milk-bar aesthetic. Located by Bondi beach, as the viewer enters the restaurant they're met with subway tiles lining the bar which is positioned strategically to offer breathtaking views of the Bondi horizon. The curvilinear bar exudes sophistication with a mahogany wood bench-top and teal vertical subway tiles that wrap around its figure. The 1920s barstools and dining chairs are peppered throughout the interior which fosters the traditional ice-cream shop feel to the restaurant. What truly sets this gelato hide-out apart, however, is its innovative approach to service. A conveyor belt situated on top of the bar can be seen adorned with dishes made on-site that wound their way around the bar-top.

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KOOKAI embraces the clean modern aesthetic throughout its current stores. Which can also be reflected in their minimally tailored clothing. A pivotal change to the brand's store would urge more customer traffic. KOOKAI's Parisian roots are a vital part of what makes the brand today, which is seen reflected throughout the design. Located in Westfield Sydney, the space gracefully implements traditional coastal European touches with partisan elements peppered throughout. As you enter the store, the viewer is met with lean lines and a neutral/tailored look. Most of the shelving and pedestals harness an organic shape and muted tones to complement the clothing. A materials board of fibrous and cool materials has been carefully selected to wrap up the slice of coastal Europe hidden away in the underground of Sydney city.

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