Interior Design Commercial

Ashlin Carlisle

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Ultimo

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I am Ashlin I am located in Sydney, Australia and have recently graduated from Billy Blue College of Design with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) degree. I am a dedicated and hardworking designer, committed to pushing the creative boundaries to craft distinctive spaces. I am highly motivated with a strong work ethic, constantly striving to achieve my goals.

Kouzina Bar & Restaurant

Location: Byron Bay, Australia
Client: Merivale
Year: 2023

Client Brief
Select a new, distinct venue for Merivale.
Offer unique experiences not found in other locations.
Use understated Greek design without clichéd blue and white.
Preserve the original restaurant's structure with a contemporary touch.

Kouzina, Merivale's new contemporary Greek restaurant in Byron Bay, transformed the former Fish Heads into a modern establishment. The layout now includes a street-facing takeaway kiosk, indoor and outdoor dining areas with beach views, and a private dining space.

The design incorporates iconic arches, a blue marble feature wall, and custom lighting that complements the coastal setting. The use of materials like wicker, timber, and clay texture reflects Greek aesthetics while maintaining a modern feel, creating a serene atmosphere that enhances patrons' enjoyment of the breathtaking beach views.

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Ivory Dunes Contemporary Art Gallery

Location: White Desert, Egypt
Year: 2023

Client Brief
Create a modern art gallery seamlessly integrating art and architecture.
Choose an open-air location for visitors to engage with the environment.
Utilize the CUBUS method to craft a symmetrical floor plan.

Ivory Dunes, an art gallery in Egypt's White Desert, seamlessly integrates architecture with the natural landscape. The open-air design, using the CUBUS method for a symmetrical floor plan, reflects the desert's charm.

Mirrored walls create an oasis illusion, and classic travertine blends with the surroundings. Water features and unique lighting enhance the contemporary design without overshadowing the White Desert's natural splendour.

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