Interior Design Commercial

Abigail Morgan

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Ultimo

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I am an interior design graduate, specialising in Commercial Interior Design. My passion lies in crafting immersive spaces that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and identity. I approach each project with enthusiasm, viewing challenges as opportunities to innovate and leave a lasting impression. I am eager to continually evolve and make meaningful contributions in all aspects of the design field.

Ka Lokahi Theatre

Welcome to the Ka Lokahi Theatre in Hawaii, a celestial marvel seamlessly blending nature and design. The theatre features strategically placed skylights and clerestories, embracing natural light for a dynamic play of shadows. The star-shaped stage, a central innovation, allows performers to shine from every angle. "Ka Lokahi" signifies "harmony and peace" in Hawaiian, and the exterior boasts a captivating five-pointed star-lighting facade. Overcoming scale challenges, the CUBUS method maintains intimacy using natural materials like timber and various stones. The timeless aesthetic combines red acoustic walls with olive green seating, showcasing the marriage of creativity and technique in this dream realised through the CUBUS method's sketching journey.

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Donna Hay Cafe

Donna Hay Café embodies the concept that "cooking is an art," seamlessly merging exceptional cuisine, welcoming ambiance, and community connection. Rooted in Donna Hay's culinary philosophy, the café reimagines the dining experience with a design that blends contemporary aesthetics and natural elements. Guests enjoy a unique self-service journey in a space reflecting Hay's philosophy through the integration of natural textures, modern aesthetics, and a harmonious colour palette.

The interior features a daring pastel blue POS station, lacquered white surfaces with Venetian wall textures, and textured hammered gold installations as focal points. Timber accents and an architecturally designed ceiling enhance the inviting space, which is flooded with natural light through floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows.

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