Interior Design Commercial

Sheila Kuminah

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Melbourne

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I was born in Indonesia and previously lived in Hong Kong and Singapore before settling in Australia. I am self-motivated, and my inspiration is drawn from my travels and the everyday experiences I find interesting.

Living in different countries since my teenage years has allowed me to adapt easily to a variety of environments, and to appreciate the beauty of nature and my surroundings. This has deepened my commitment to sustainability. In my leisure time, I enjoy exploring the city, dining in fine restaurants, going for walks, and capturing photographs of architectural marvels. I also relish spending time in nature and embarking on hikes.

Fresh McLaren

The design concept for this complex commercial site is deeply rooted in the South Australian Tourism Commission's global vision of expanding market research and showcasing the selected biodynamic wines from Paxton, Coriole, and J&J within the picturesque McLaren Vale region.

I crafted a warm and inviting space that authentically embodies the client's values and brand identity. Sustainability takes centre stage, expressed through the prominent use of natural elements such as timber that pay homage to the environment. The entrance, graced with spacious doors and expansive windows, bathes the interior in abundant natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere.

The restaurant's wood-lined barrel booths infuse the space with a distinctive, organic ambience. The seamless integration of terrazzo flooring and natural stone cladding bridges indoor and outdoor areas, offering an ideal setting for outdoor seating enveloped in lush greenery and the soothing sounds of nature. The retail space is designed with modern glass shelving for an elegant product display, while the spacious winetasting area affords serene garden views, ensuring that my design resonates with a diverse customer base and delivers an unforgettable experience at the heart of the wine country.

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Gembira Restaurant Cafe and Bar in Melbourne aims to redefine entertainment standards by prioritizing patron well-being and environmental responsibility.

The mezzanine level introduces a unique dart game, fostering friendly competition and creating an engaging, interactive atmosphere for socializing and memorable experiences. The interior design incorporates lush greeneries strategically placed to enhance visual appeal and reduce carbon dioxide levels, promoting a healthier environment for both guests and staff.

Influenced by Balinese style, the interior seamlessly blends traditional elements with a modern twist, emphasizing sustainability across furniture and decor choices. Meticulous attention is given to customer comfort through optimized air circulation and acoustics, ensuring an outstanding audio experience while minimizing noise pollution outside. Gembira not only offers delightful food and drinks but also embraces a holistic approach, where entertainment, ambiance, and environmental consciousness converge for a harmonious and visually stunning dining experience.

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