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Zsofia Hegyes

Bachelor of Interior Design Residential Online

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Hello! I’m originally from Budapest, Hungary however I now reside in Brisbane. As a result, I am inspired and influenced by different cultures and societies, which I love to incorporate into my designs. My goal has always been to create functional, timeless spaces where houses turn into homes.

Mnemosyne Edgecliff Apartments

Mnemosyne is a unique sculptural building offering serviced apartments that create eccentric forms with twists and turns. The brief focuses on creating a conjoined apartment that utilises a foldable door to open up the space for shared gatherings or serve multi-generational living purposes. The dividers are located between the two kitchens and when opened up, will transform into an even larger food preparation and entertaining area.

Inspired by the surrounding Sydney environment, natural tones are speckled throughout the space such as yellows, browns and greens. This is intended to keep the space calm and provide a place of rejuvenation, bringing the outside in. Textures from materials like the Gleeze Giada green gloss tiles featured in the kitchen add interest and dimension to the space, keeping the eye simulated. Sage green and Atlantic blue velvet headboards are the main feature of the bedrooms with built-in shelving on either side. With its curves and soft touch, it brings a sense of warmth into the space.

Spatial awareness has been considered in all aspects of the design, such as in the living area which is meant to be enjoyed from all angles with the central feature being the double-sided couch that overlooks the spectacular views of Sydney. For each space, the aim was to sculpt the area around it. To separate the living and dining, a bookshelf has been utilised to not only act as a feature wall but also as a space divider that grounds both areas making each one unique in its own way.

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Mnemosyne Edgecliff Public Realm

Mnemosyne is a unique multi-storey residential tower, offering serviced apartments. The design proposal focuses on the creation of four commercial spaces for the ground-level floor of the complex to significantly enhance the living experience. To achieve optimal movability, space planning has been designed in accordance with BCA accessibility requirements. The new layout allows adequate space for wheelchair navigation with a flat ground level.

The foyer is designed to be an entry into a paradise that awaits you. You are greeted by two ponds and built-in curved seating with plenty of greenery to create a seamless transition from the outdoors. The foyer features lighting inspired by the shape of floating clouds to balance the tall ceilings and evoke a dream-like space to calm the mind and please the eye.

The bookshop café is designed with escapism in mind, a space to relax and to rejuvenate while you enjoy some baked goods and reading. The space is filled from floor to ceiling with foliage to transform the area into a forest-like environment. Inspired by the greenery that flows in from the outdoor part of the café, materials have been incorporated into the space such as warm-toned tiles and wooden components, creating harmony between nature and man-made elements.

Inspired by popular design styles, such as Art Nouveau, the Hungarian restaurant incorporates key design elements that reflect the country’s heritage, preferences and personality. Traditional Hungarian marble tiles have been used for the floor areas to contrast the minimalist design of the other commercial spaces, but still achieve cohesiveness by including tonal finishes to not overwhelm the space.

The bar features a circular island with seating all around to compliment the round shape of the area so that it can be enjoyed from all angles. The focal point of the bar is a centered curved wooden column with incorporated lighting that extends all the way to the ceiling. It serves as joinery as well as an art installation creating something truly unique to the space.

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