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Katie Wykamp

Bachelor of Interior Design Residential Ultimo

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Hi! My name is Katie Wykamp, I am located in Sydney NSW and I am a recent graduate from Billy Blue College of Design, Torrens University with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential).

I love and strive to create spaces, environments and outcomes which benefit both individuals and the wider community. It is such a fulfilling process from start to finish and a career I knew I wanted to embark on. I believe that good design has the capacity to improve all elements of one's physical and mental well-being and it is my ambition to dig deeply into the needs of the clients who will be using these spaces - to develop solutions that are tailored specifically to their wants, ambitions and desires. I am currently searching for work in the high-end residential and/or commercial interior design sectors and I am beyond excited to get started.

Mnemosyne Apartments

Mnemosyne Edgecliff is a one-of-a-kind sculptural shape comprised of four quadrants that curl and twist around a central core. The architectural shape of the structure appears to be expanding and contracting at times, yet always appears to be in motion which is emphasised by the sun's positioning. Mnemosyne Edgecliff will be known as the 'Gateway to the East of Sydney' in the not-too-distant future.

The back-to-back residences were designed to feel spacious, luxurious, and to evoke a sense of connection with the environment and stunning cityscapes. The refined design and level of detail in each space are highlighted by the custom craftsmanship and premium natural materials. The apartments may be opened up to one another, resulting in two-fold residences with a combined total of two bedrooms, utilities, kitchens and entertaining areas. My inspiration and vision for each space was to interact with one another harmoniously. I ensured that the materiality was unified and cohesive without making them clones of one another. The flexibility of both apartments to function both individually and collectively as a larger space is the feature of this dwelling as well as the apartment's architectural characteristics, such as varying ceiling heights, tray ceilings and curving walls create movement and interest inside the spaces whilst captivating our attention.

I endeavoured to establish a strong connection between the physical aspects and features of the apartment and how guests can interact with them while creating personal experiences and special moments.

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Tumbulong House

Tumbulong house is undoubtedly a distinctive dwelling. Its eye catching roof structure and the possibility for this home to be both public and private is one of the features which makes this house appealing. The top level of Tumbulong house is level with the terrain and has large scale windows that let in an abundance of natural light whilst offering mesmerising views. I like to describe Tumbulong house as being exposed yet disguised and featuring a close relationship to its surrounding landscape and topography, since the lower level of this home is sunken and encased by the sloped terrain, giving the impression that this home is only one story instead of two. Located in Mount Carrialo, Kangaroo Valley, this area truly offers some of the most breathtaking natural scenery.

​I designed Tumbulong house to have a modern, contemporary & minimalistic aesthetic so the architecture of the building remained the true hero. The addition of a central load bearing wall located in the heart of the home also offered an innovative solution to separate the kitchen from the living whilst still leaving the space open plan and allowing this structure to be the true focal point of the interior.

​Although Tumbulong house has a bold, resilient and textured exterior there are many spaces within the home that create a cosy and inviting atmosphere thanks to the selection of comfortable and quality furniture pieces, decor, plush textiles and beautiful ambient lighting in each space.

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