Communication Design

Suzy Lawler

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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I'm a graphic designer based in Sydney. I'm a lateral thinker, who specialises in strategic design with a focus on branding. I'm passionate about brand identities, packaging design and typography.


Synesthesia explores an engaging experiment of bridging human senses to build a duality between both sound and design. Each spread within the piece is created as an ode to its own song, encouraging the components of musical tone to manifest into an artefact of colour and movement.

This is an experimental project about the experience of music and how it may be transported into a visual medium. The book's large, squared format aims to replicate an LP, directly connecting the publication with music at first glance. All elements within this piece were created by myself within the Adobe Creative Suite, the physical books were printed and bound locally.

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*He'll Be Right

The male suicide rate is rapidly rising to a concerning extent each year. Eight Australians die every day by suicide and males make up for 75% of this group. Change needs to be made, and the time is now.

*He'll Be Right is a witty and meaningful campaign targeted towards men struggling with mental health issues. Our message has been encoded through symbolism in the campaign title, which takes the classic Australian saying“She'll Be Right" and flips it entirely on it's head, repurposing the meaning whilst also speaking directly to the demographic. The conceptual campaign partners with the local beer brand, Young Henrys and incorporates an anonymous, online mental health forum. The forum opens a space for Aussie dudes to come together and connect, overwriting stereotypes and dissolving isolation. Coasters with QR codes will be rolled out throughout local participating pubs, individuals are required to sign up and request access to the platform.

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