Communication Design

Antonia Sasvary

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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Hi there, I'm Antonia and I'm a Sydney based artist.

I have always had a love for art / design and in 2020 I didn't just bake banana bread, I created an illustration business where I specialise in selling bespoke photorealistic drawings. I love creating something special out of simple objects and evoking emotion from customers.

I am passionate about typography, branding, packaging design, illustration and baking.

Freelance Illustrations

I have been immersed in drawing for as long as I can remember. My artistic journey began with crafting custom portraits of families and pets using graphite pencils and over time, I've transitioned and expanded the medium I use and subjects I depict. Quality and longevity are paramount in my work. To ensure durability, I create my art on 100% cotton paper using Caran d’Ache pencils as my primary medium.

Beating Burnout

Beating Burnout is a transformative campaign dedicated to combating burnout and promoting a healthier work / life balance. Our mission is to advise individuals about the power of taking regular breaks during workdays, leading to enhanced productivity and overall well-being. We aim to revolutionise the way people approach work by breaking free from the relentless hustle culture and eliminating the guilt associated with self-care. Self-care is not a luxury but a necessity for success.