Communication Design

Lucy Brigstocke

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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Hi I'm Lucy, an aspiring and recently graduated Graphic Designer, who thrives on turning imagination into reality. I am excited to find a Design Agency that allows me to gain industry experience while continuing to enhance my design skills.

My approach to design encapsulates a commitment to understanding client needs and transforming concepts into captivating visual narratives. My diverse love of branding, illustration, and graphic design allows me to seamlessly blend creativity, technical expertise, and innovation into every project I undertake.

Teach Hub

The brief required me to design an online interface that solves a real-world user problem and improves user experience.

The problem I focused on was the greatest emergency in education right now which is the growing teacher shortage across Australia. The quality of education provided by schools is decreasing, as many students don’t have a teacher to support and educate them. Teachers are experiencing unbearable workloads and poor working conditions.

Teach Hub is an app that connects casual teachers with schools. Teachers are notified of casual jobs that match their profile, and can network with schools and educators, and book job opportunities.
Schools can choose quality teachers through Teach Hub, and send alerts when classes need to be covered. This allows teachers to focus on their specified class, increasing the standard of education for students.

Consent First

The brief required me to design a multi-sensory experience that uses touchpoints to persuade the target audience to shift their perspective on the chosen topic.

Australia’s lack of ‘Consent Education’ remains, despite recent developments for school students. The majority of society has already finished school, resulting in a lack of consent education and accessibility for a huge percentage of Australian’s.

Consent First is an educational pop-up experience to empower consent education. It takes place around Hyde Park, encouraging adults to walk through the branding experience. Through adopting disruptive and unconventional strategies to engage the audience, it emphasises the importance of consent and encourages open discussion. This immersive experience is often confronting to evoke an emotional response and engage people on an entirely new level.