Interior Design Commercial

Stephanie Geha

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Ultimo

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I'm all about fun characteristics, bespoke details and features that turn entering a space into an experience.

I have always had an eye for interiors, whether playing with materials to create beautiful flat lays or putting together colour palettes just for fun. I am obsessed with all things design.

In the office I often work on project schedules, 3D renders, material selections and finessing client presentations.

In my spare time I play the cello, I'm a regular pilates fanatic and I love a brunch!


Bill Granger built his signature brand on serving generous food in light-filled spaces and his method has been selling like ricotta hotcakes for over two decades. His famous easygoing culinary style has evolved into an impressive global business on what he calls “sunshine food”.

This location exudes a sense of calm and warmth, with crisp neutrals offset by deep red and rich honey hues, mirroring the coastal landscape and expansive views of Cronulla Beach.

The design is reminiscent of an Australian late summer sunset. This design focused on rich, warm hues such as burnt orange and, deep terracotta seen through the use of handmade tiles which are complemented by the sand coloured terrazzo flooring, coming together to elevate the space. Textural and natural materials such as travertine and Damasca marble are juxtaposed with bright powder coated steel surfaces and sleek accents of brass and mirror.

The rounded geometry makes the interior feel relaxed whilst the warm colour palette is soothing and calm. The two different types of circular acoustic panels tie in with the fire engine red backrest of the playful Memphis chairs.

Bills is both confident and refined, with an unabashed sense of Australiana at its core, delivering the Cronulla locals and those visiting, a new and unique experience.

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“Shiroi” comes from the Japanese word “white”. The concept was for the entire restaurant to be completely white in aesthetic, to capture maximum natural light in order to conserve energy.

With interactivity and socialization opportunities for patrons being a large focus of this project, having this as a Korean BBQ style restaurant with a grilling pit at the center of each table encourages quieter members of groups to become more relaxed and engaged, as each table cooks their own food together.

Japanese culture often involves sitting close to the floor if not on the floor, so sunken seating was created as a homage to Japanese tradition.

To create contrast and a point of interest in an all white restaurant, the bathrooms have utlised black or “Kuro” in Japanese. The bathrooms are enclosed in a stark black marble, lit by Tom Dixons Void surface lamps. Irregular shaped mirrors bring a sense of continuity into the bathrooms as they resemble the organic shapes used throughout the restaurant.

The communal grilling tables and abundance of sunlight create an almost mystical environment – a dance of fire and light.

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