Interior Design and Decoration

Sibel Ayguney

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Brisbane

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Transitioning from Corporate Life to Creative Design Adventure

My design style can be described as a harmonious blend of contemporary aesthetics and functional practicality. I strive for simplicity and clarity in my designs, ensuring that every element serves a purpose. Whether it's a visual graphic, a user interface, or a document layout, I believe in the power of clean lines, balanced compositions.

Innisfail Library & CommunityCenter

Project Brief:
Create a welcoming entry and reception area seamlessly integrated with a librarian information hub. Design ergonomic computer and desk spaces for up to 10 and 20 people, incorporating collaborative elements. Prioritize accessible and visually appealing storage for books and media. Design a flexible community meeting space for 20-40 people with versatile seating arrangements. Address staff needs with efficient storage and a small kitchenette for up to 4 people. Ensure inclusive bathroom facilities, including accessibility compliance. Harmonize aesthetics with functionality for a cohesive and user-friendly interior design.

Software Used: Sketchup, Vray, AutoCad, Photoshop

Kitchen Joinery Design

Project Brief:
Design an efficient kitchen joinery
Prioritize optimal space utilization
Use high-quality materials
Implement innovative storage solutions

Design Features:
Tech-Integrated Surfaces
Connected Lighting System
Corner Pantry
Tip-On mechanism cabinetry

Software Used: Sketchup, Vray, AutoCad