Interior Design and Decoration

Alyssa Loy

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Brisbane

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Hi, my name is Alyssa Loy. I'm currently living in Brisbane, grew up in the Clarence Valley NSW. I am looking for employment in the interior design industry.

Community Hub

The Community Hub (from the Cassowary Coast Regional Council) seeks to be a pulsating heart of the community - a central gathering space where residents of all ages and backgrounds can come together to share, learn, celebrate, and foster connections.

Spaces within Community Hub:
Entry, Reception, Staff room, Cafe, Library, Study area, Computer area, Metting space, Games room, Toilets, Outdoor area, and storage.

Contemporary art deco kitchen

This kitchen pays homage to the timeless attraction of elegance in the midst of a world that frequently moves too quickly. This space is a symphony of grandeur and sophistication, drawing inspiration from the golden days of Hollywood, and the art deco movement.

To create a space that takes a contemporary spin on a famous historic design era.