Interior Design and Decoration

Odette Azouri

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Ultimo

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Hello, my name is Odette Azouri. I completed my Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration in August 2023. I am very passionate about interior design. I used to be an assistant store manager for 3 years in furnishings and accessories. It was challenging which I enjoy and help customers in choosing their furniture.

I am a trainer and a good team leader. I enjoy painting in my free time which allows me to mix colors and come up with new ideas and paintings at all times. I would love to work as an interior designer in a company and be part of their growth and join a great team.

Art Series Hotel Group Assessment 3

For this project in assessment 3, I came up with sketches for the interior space as well as showing elevations of different areas of the hotel.

Art Series Hotel Group Assessment 4

Final drawings to scale floor plans with rendering, for a better view and get clients to see it clearer room by room and area by area.

Odette Azouri Video bio