Interior Design Commercial

Brianna Hobbs

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Ultimo

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My name is Bri and I'm currently based in Newcastle, NSW. My passions of course include design but also photography and art. I'm looking forward to navigating a career in the interior design industry. I hope to travel and design commercially across the world. I not only love interior design but I have found a passion for brand design throughout my journey.

Lisa Rush Skin Clinic

Built on the foundation of elegance and clinical excellence, the Lisa Rush Skin Clinic has become a trusted holy grail for many. Understandably so, the high demand for the exquisite care and treatments from Lisa Rush and her team has led to needing an additional clinic space. The Lisa Rush Skin clinic is driven by the power of igniting self confidence and self love, so this new space must hold the same power. The space addressed the need to appeal to the target demographic and current clients of the clinic.

Inspired by raw texture and materials, the space embodies the minimalist’s neutral dream. With curves in all directions, the reception and waiting room is the heart of the clinic. The remaining zones such as treatment rooms, staff rooms and storage are attached to the circling hallways.

Contrasting greatly from the common areas, the treatment rooms are where colour will be on full display. The treatment rooms aim to create an oasis-like environment, allowing the client to relax and perhaps allow them to forget they are in a clinical setting at all. This may be particularly helpful for those with any anxiety or nerves when visiting clincal environments. Green is a colour representative of growth, renewal and balance. Reflecting trust, luxury and professionalism the space is one to make everyone feel comfortable and appreciated.

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Ghanda Clothing Retail Store

Ghanda Clothing, and Australian retail store originating in Torquay, Victoria, requires a redesign for one of its current regional NSW store locations. The design scheme embodies the essence of Ghanda’s playful and adventurous brand identity and the surf and skate culture they are strongly linked to. Inspired by the ocean, calming colours and high-quality materials, this space offers a completely new brand experience that reflects the true Ghanda experience with homage to its roots in Torquay and an inviting and fun retail experience.

The exploration of natural textures and materials offers a more interactive and memorable experience for shoppers. As a reflection of the brand’s connection to the environment and earthy colour scheme the exterior fashions floor to ceiling Tasmanian Oak cladding. While catching the eye of shoppers this storefront enables the store to stand out amongst its competitors. The interior scheme offers a clean yet vibrant experience. The rippled ceiling meets weaving walls enticing the customer in for a memorable experience.

The material selection is sourced from strictly domestic and sustainably attained suppliers. The materiality explores natural timber, red clay, pink hues through terrazzo benchtops, patterned tiling and exposed brick. Interactive touch-screens allow for customers to book in for screen-printing workshops within a few taps. While not in use they display the upcoming fashion collections.

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