Communication Design

Rachel Zwarenstein

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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Hey, my name is Rachel, a graphic designer and photographer from Sydney.

My passion for design stems from my deep appreciation for both nature and stories. I believe that visuals have the power to transcend language, allowing me to communicate complex ideas and narratives in a universally understood manner. By carefully crafting each element of my art, from composition to colour choices, I aim to ignite specific emotions and immerse viewers fully into the world I have created.


The brief for this project was to create a targeted media campaign to explore a topic that currently impacts today's society. Delving into the research of what kind of message I wanted to create, I chose the topic of the negative effects that social media has on our mental health.

The design approach was centered around raising awareness through unconventional and thought-provoking visuals, creating a stark contrast to the polished and curated images often found on social platforms. The campaign featured raw and unfiltered photographs of individuals stuck inside their social media shackles. This provides users with confronting statistics on how obsessed we become with being online, sharing the message that it is okay to not be okay.

The campaign’s aim of providing users with insight and alternatives to being stuck online was achieved through various advertising methods, taking advantage of offline marketing such as billboards to solidify the message of staying off the screens.

Trail Boost

In groups of two, we were tasked to identify an organisation with a gap in the market. Using Kathmandu's adventurous spirit and the needs of current consumers we created an on-the-go nutritional bar, inspired by flavours from around the world.

Trail Boost was created with many options that will transport you to a faraway land with every bite or sip, from the vibrant spices of India to the tropical fruitiness of Rio. Each product is a culinary adventure waiting to be savoured. Whether you are running late for work, have a post-workout craving, or are too busy to sit down and eat a meal, this product was designed with Kathmandu's values and the customer's needs in mind.