Communication Design

Abby Titmuss

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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I am a passionate communication designer and illustrator, making designs for you to enjoy and having fun in the process. My specialties are brand identity and campaign work but I am a versatile worker with a determination to continue learning and improving.

Kingsplay - Indoor Playground

To reinvigorate an abandoned space in order to create a welcoming community environment.

Caringbah Marketplace is a disused building which has been vacant since 2012 with no signs of development since. Locals consider the building an eyesore as it is severely neglected and the exterior has been used by youth in the area to litter and graffiti. As the building is completely locked, it is completely unused aside from those contributing to trashing it.

The reinvigoration of Caringbah Marketplace into a public place will allow those who were disappointed in the lack of development to be excited about something and take part in it. By transforming Caringbah Marketplace into an indoor park and hang out area, local children and teens are given a safe environment for social interaction and shelter during the daytime. This area would function similarly to a leisure centre where you pay a small fee or have an access card to access the facilities.

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To create an ‘on-the-go’ oral health care brand focused on accessibility and portion control.

Denteeze is for 20-35 year olds with busy lifestyles; helping to simplify dental hygiene routines when it feels like there is no time. By accounting for accessibility, Denteeze can also be an appropriate product for people with mental health issues with broken oral care routines, as well as physically handicapped and elderly people who may struggle with grip strength.

Oral health care is an industry with one of the largest plastic waste disposal rates. A regular toothbrush can take between 100 and 1000 years to completely degrade. This means every plastic toothbrush you have ever owned most likely still exists in landfill. In Australia alone, over 30 million toothbrushes go into landfill every year (Australian Dental Association, 2023).

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