Communication Design

Christal Zamanos

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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Christal is a Sydney-based Graphic Designer and Illustrator driven by a passion for creative problem-solving. Having recently graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Design, she's looking for her next challenge to enhance her skills and apply her academic knowledge to tangible, real-world applications. Her skills lie in packaging, brand identity, illustration and editorial publications.

Protect & Heal Adhesive Bandages

Create a more environmentally friendly and functional alternative to adhesive bandages that stands out in today's market.

Protect and Heal eliminates the need for unnecessary and wasteful bandage packaging that’s difficult to open by providing an alternative that’s innovative, eco-friendly, easily accessible and resealable. Although the product itself isn’t revolutionary, the pull-out tray sets it apart from already established brands. Its bold and bright colours make it easily identifiable both on the shelf and in your at-home first aid kit, saving you the hassle of searching for a bandage in emergencies.

Callan Park

Design a comprehensive identity system that reinvigorates Callan Park as a public space and connects the community to its rich history.

Callan Park, located in Lilyfield NSW, was once a psychiatric facility spanning over 63 hectares of land and over 130 buildings. Nowadays, the majority of buildings are neglected, bordered up and abandoned, with the land primarily being used as a dog park by locals. This initiative aims to connect the community to history by restoring the Lawn Bowling pavilion into a cafe and urban seating area.

The chosen wordmark pays homage to existing signage on-site yet modernises it by utilising a bold, stretched typeface alongside colours that would stand out and contrast with its surroundings.

AGDA Merit Award in the Student Print Category 2023.