Communication Design

Kathryn Champion

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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My name is Kat and I am a Sydney-based Graphic Designer with a strong creative mind and skill base that extends from fashion design and photography to branding, brand guides, publication design and social media management. I am excited to work in a creative agency with a role in publication design!

Fantasia In Flight

In 1940, Walt Disney created a fusion of imagery and animation inspired by sound, called Fantasia. The concept of ‘Fantasia’ is an artistic expression that transcends traditional boundaries, fusing various art forms to create harmonious and immersive experiences. Fantasia represents a departure from reality into a world of unrestrained creativity and boundless possibilities.

‘Fantasia In Flight’ embraces the concept of ‘Fantasia’ where various performers are given the freedom to blend and reinterpret sound into a physical display of strength and grace. For this project, I developed the concept through blending my passion for Aerial Arts, photography, classical music, and layout design to create a physical exploration of music and its relationship to performance.

After being played each piece of music once through, the performers are asked to let the music carry them and inspire their moves and story in an impromptu ‘one-off’ performance that was captured in a series of still shots. These mages capture the breathtaking and awe-inspiring essence of each performance, that take you on a journey of artistic expression and creative liberation.

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The Bean Collective

‘The Bean Collective’ is a fictional coffee company that encapsulates the essence of innovation, sustainability, and exceptional coffee. This project involved the complete conceptual brand creation, logo design, brand collateral and packaging design. From choosing the perfect colour palette and typography, to crafting a compelling packaging solution. A fun fact about this project is that the entirety of the design and prototyping process was created with my non-dominant arm!

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