Communication Design

Danika Tserepas

Bachelor of Communication Design Online

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Hi, I'm Danika, a Canberra-based human-centered designer with a passion for doing work that has a positive impact on the world. Throughout my course, I've found a particular passion for brand identity design, UX, UI, and Service Design projects. Subject areas that particularly draw my attention are mental health, women's health, circular economy, and climate change. I'm passionate about driving change in society, and am excited for the future of technology and how it can change the world for the better.

Bloody Benefits: Brand identity and gamification for blood donations

In this project, myself and a classmate designed a new service for the Australian Redcross Lifeblood. Based on our research, we understood the need for differentiation between the Redcross and Lifeblood, which drove us to re-brand the new service: Bloody Benefits program. This program has an application where donors can book in, manage, and win rewards from continuous donations to Lifeblood. Our new service gamifies the blood donation process and aims to attract and retain more donors across Australia.

Selene: Here with you on your health journey

I created a new app focused on creating an all-in-one health app specifically for women. Including period tracking, steps, water, stress, sleep, as well as nutrition, workouts, and mental health tracking.
My desktop research showed that health outcomes can drastically improve when a patient can track and monitor symptoms, however, there was no one app that Australian women could use to track all aspects of their health journey. And with one in six women suffering from diseases such as Endometriosis which is a multi-faceted disease, I felt this was a good market opportunity.