Communication Design

Siobhan Wisener

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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Hi I’m Siobhan!
Collector of many things, but mostly ideas.
I’m a Sydney based graphic designer and illustrator with skills in creating brand identities, print & layout, packaging and typography. I love making thoughtful, curious, and effective designs that thrive in the intersection between rules and experimentation.

The Herbert

All ages Live Music
What if a public space was revitalised to be used for its original purpose?
The Islington theatre in Newcastle, NSW has sat on the corner of Beaumont Street since 1928. Since the theatre closed it has been used by a variety of different merchants. But what if it was turned back into a space for the arts?
The Herbert Theatre is a revamped community space for all things live music, art and performance. The new space honours the rich history of the building and brings its past of entertainment into the future. Guided by the posters, ticket stubs and signage of the past, as well as the original architectural plans for the building, The Herbert invites patrons into the rich past of the theatre and creates a space that brings new light to a historical space, while bringing the community a much-needed space for arts and entertainment.

The Things We Hold On To

Collector, Hoarder or Curator?
A project bringing light to different people’s curation of objects, the little nuance of people’s thoughts and decisions, the stories behind the objects they collect. Though everyone collects different things, and not everyone would consider themselves a collector (let’s say curator), everyone has something that they hold on to, even if they aren’t entirely sure why.
I created a call-out for people to be a part of the project, conducted interviews, photographed collections, and then created a layout to best express their stories. The book is divided into 3 parts titled: “Keepers of Memories”, “Interests and Fixations” and “Objects of Fascination”.

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