Communication Design

Katarina Jones

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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Based in Sydney, Kat is a hungry designer both for snacks and for new design opportunities. When supplied with snacks she uses her skills in illustration and graphic design to tell stories. She is inspired by design through history often taking elements from the past and bringing it to the digital age. She tells her stories using a range of analogue mediums embracing imperfections and textures to give back a human feel to graphic design.

A Series Of Letters That Led To Me

Discovering three heavy boxes all full of letters, within it the series of letters that led to my very existence. The letters that my parents sent to each other when they first met in the nineties while travelling and living on opposites of the world.

Inspired by these to create a visually appealing stack of letters which invites the audience to explore through the letters in an interactive storytelling experience. Capturing my identity as a designer, portraying my love for storytelling and my love for making things by hand, while also giving a glimpse into my background.

Kat's Bug Guide for Hungry People

To create a portfolio teaser that reflects me and my skills, I created a mini bug guide—illustrating a series of watercolour bugs and combining them with made-up names and humourous descriptions to create a memorable personal promotional piece. I explored a number of creative ways to provide my contact details to a potential client or employer in a way that would be engaging and demonstrates my various skills.