Communication Design

Sharon Tanandra

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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Hey there, I am Sharon Tanandra. I am a passionate, highly motivated, and result-oriented creative enthusiast from Indonesia, based in Sydney. My skills lie in branding, packaging, and graphic design. My goal is to produce unique work that is meaningful to the audience. I am always eager to learn new skills. I love minimalist, yet meaningful design.

Batik Wear

Batik Wear is a small business that produces various kinds of casual clothing using a traditional Indonesian pattern, called Batik. This brand is inspired by a delicate beauty of the batik pattern itself.

Project/Client Website

Balmain Gymnasium

The home of Balmain Leagues Club in Rozelle for 50 years is now abandoned. This neglected site is proposed as Gymnasium to help the community with their health and other activities.

Project/Client Website