Graphic Design

Jessica Shao

Diploma of Graphic Design Ultimo

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Hi, I'm Jess, a Sydney graphic designer. Outside of my studies, I am passionate about illustration and dance which I use as a source of inspiration for my work. Currently, I'm looking for positions with a strong emphasis on supervision and growth, to help kick-start my career.

Sando Cafe Branding

Branding for a hypothetical Japanese cafe called Sando. I created a cute bread mascot (named Pan-chan, as pan means bread in Japanese). I also created some icons for different sandwich flavours they offer.

Innisfree Green Tea Glow Packaging Design

Packing redesign for Innisfree's Green Tea skincare tester line. The packaging had an emphasis on portability and convenience as those are the main benefits of using tester products, while still adhering to the Innisfree branding and core values of sustainability.