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I’m Alice, and yes, I speak four languages. I’m a recent graduate of a Diploma of Graphic Design, but I have always had a strong passion and key eye for design. My strengths lie in vector illustration, logo creation, designing for social media and print design - though I am always keen for a challenge and looking to grow as a designer.

After realising that teaching wasn’t for me, rather my passion was more in design and art, I sought to up skill, and have now completed a Diploma of Graphic Design.

Born in France, yet having grown up in Australia and learning Japanese and German, my designs are heavily influenced by this mix of cultures. I especially like bold colours and shapes, otherworldly themes and thinking beyond the norm when it comes to design.

Blue Mountain International Hotel Management School

As part of my final unit in my Diploma of Graphic Design, I was to do a re-brand for a real-life client, being the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School - a sub school of Torrens University Australia. Located in the picturesque region of the Blue Mountains, in New South Wales, the school was seeking a new and modern brand identity to suit their aims of increasing enrolments and public perception. With an aim to portray an image of prestige and premium higher education, alongside emphasising Australia’s unique hospitality environment, I created the following word mark and assets for the client.

My aim as the designer for this project was to create a more youthful, modern and sleek brand identity for the school. More importantly, I wanted there to be an element of fluidity in the overall design. In my final word mark, the notion of ‘blue mountains’ really shines through, with the fluid gold shapes in the background being a call-back to topographic and relief maps. The large ‘M’ could be almost reminiscent of a set of twin peaks, and of course, the lettering itself had to be a majestic and regal colour.

Project/Client Website

Endless Summer

Billy’s Brew is a fictitious brewery located in Noosa, along Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Their vision is for people to enjoy a fresh, cold bottle of their Endless Summer IPA (India Pale Ale) whilst relaxing by the beach, soaking in the sunshine and admiring the stunning Noosa scenery.

My design for their Endless Summer beverage is a fun and quirky take on the vision behind Billy’s Brew, and I really aimed to capture the essence and spirit of relaxing by the beach in the summer. Almost reminiscent of a planet in the background where summer happens all year round, my design is bright, fresh and energetic.

Project/Client Website