Communication Design

Jasmine O'Brien

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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I am not afraid to ask the right questions to get your idea soaring above the others. With skills in graphic design, photography, branding and more, I am ready to tackle any challenge head on. You never know what could work until you try it. Why don’t we try this?

Game Accessibility Standard Rating

The following project was my answer to a human-centred design. As the audience for video games grows and diversifies, it becomes increasingly important to ensure all gamers can access games, no matter their ability or disability. As not every game is yet made equal, the "Game Accessibility Standard Rating" sticker system allows consumers to see at a glance which video games provide the right features that they need to be able to play and therefore ensures greater buyer confidence in the video game market. The GASR website, which can be accessed via QR codes on each sticker, provides a full list of which accessibility features each video game possesses under five key categories. This system would require government regulation in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Have You Seen It?

According to Martin Scorsese’s Film Foundation, an organisation that serves to protect feature films worldwide, over half of all films created before 1950 and over 90% of silent films created before 1929 have been lost forever. Their loss is also a loss for human history and culture on an enormous scale and has lead me to dedicate an entire passion project to the subject. “Have You Seen It?” is an informational and visual document exploring the topic of lost films, including how they became lost, how some were miraculously found again and how modern audiences can prevent modern masterpieces from suffering the same fate. This publication features specific case studies of 10 films and 4 television shows from around the world and pairs well with an oral lecture on the contents.