Communication Design

Andrei Cabaero

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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As a graphic designer, I am passionate about creating visual identities and that not only look great, but also resonate with the intended audience. I believe in designing with the user in mind, which means that I approach every project with empathy and a deep understanding of their needs and desires.

My design process is grounded in design thinking, which allows me to tackle complex problems and come up with innovative solutions. I am constantly learning and pushing myself to be a better problem solver, and I believe that humility is key to being open-minded and receptive to new ideas.

Collaboration is also essential to my design process. I enjoy working with designers of all backgrounds and skill sets, as I believe that diversity leads to more creative and effective solutions. Overall, I consider myself to be an empathetic, curious, open-minded, and growth-focused designer who is always striving to create meaningful and impactful work.


Konsepto is a project aimed to create a type language that reflects the human form through dance. Through the use of movement type was created which can be used to draw inspiration from and challenge people to come up with new ways of movement and expression.

A long and rigorous research phase and process was undertaken to create the base idea of the type. I wanted to work with dancers in my circle to experiment my idea with. Dance/Movement has always been captured by film and so exploring a route which challenged that was so much fun. Capturing movement through type experimentation gave this project that ambiguity that I wanted in order for dancers to find their own meaning to it.

The type is then used to create graphic scores which people can interpret in their own way, each person will have their own way of deciphering it and have very different ways of moving when interacting with the type created. The language created in the type form itself is a very open, ambiguous and abstract, although reflective of the human form. There are no set rules or boundaries within this language. Everything is left to choice and the ambiguity of it gives space for beautiful things to happen. These scores can be used with natural ambience, silence, with their own breathe, instruments and of course music.


Mittagong Maltings was the site chosen and the objective was to turn it into a creative retreat for people who wanted to get inspired, rejuvenate and find solutions around their creative blocks. The intention was to help them relax from the hustle of their careers and get an opportunity for improvement and self-growth.

My approach was to create something with simplicity to communicate the complex aspects of the brand. The graphic device and logotype were both inspired from a structural reference found when I visited the area. Through heaps of refinement, iterations and drafts I managed to create a unique graphic device and language for the brand which is used to tell a story.

The language will be used through out the brand to guide the consumers on how to interact, use and understand every aspect of the brand and space. This will be shown through website UX/UI, way-finding and icons.

I wanted to create a unique brand that differentiated this space from gyms and wellness centres.

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