Interior Design and Decoration

Haley Lin

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Ultimo

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I am a motivated individual recently graduated from Billy Blue College of Design with a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration. I believe in the importance of strong work ethic, and thus aim to produce consistent high quality work with professional standards. I am also looking to immerse myself in an environment where my passion for design and creativity will be admired and nurtured, and skills refined and further developed within the industry.

Mimmi Terra

Australian tote bag label, Mimmi Terra, is too pen their very first showroom and office located in the heart of Sydney, The Rocks.

The project brief for this heritage listed building is to design a retail/hospitality space, with the brand's head office located upstairs. My concept for this project was to explore and create a sense home and belonging, allowing customers to be immersed in a space that mimics the look and feel of a cosy residential home. I also want to explore abstract and textural qualities to represent the client's love for nature and Australian summers.

Mimmi Terra is inspired by feelings of connection, love, and nostalgia. It was important to bring these elements through within the design. The retail and office space features natural materials, complementing the existing sandstone and the timber trusses. The colour palette is kept soft and neutral, combined with hints of contrasting bright hues to create a vibrant and welcoming feeling to the space. My furniture selection is intentionally fun and minimal, consisting of natural textiles, marble and timber.

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Hon's Jewellery

The aim of this project was to create a luxurious and welcoming space for Hon's Jewellery that showcases their exquisite collection of fine jewellery. The design emphasises the brand's commitment to quality, elegance, and sophistication, while also creating a comfortable and memorable shopping experience for customers.

The project brief was to produce an interior design fit-out for an existing site and change the use and function of the space. For this project, I have selected my family's hair salon located in the heart ofCabramatta and transformed it into a jewellery store.

My design heavily draws inspiration from cultural demographics of the site location, aiming to capture the richness and the unique values of Asian culture. Feng Shui plays a huge role in determining the layout and arrangement of elements in the space. By adhering to these principles, I seek to create a harmonious and balanced environment that encourages the flow of positive energy and promotes a sense of well-being. I can honour and celebrate the cultural heritage of the site location while creating a space that resonates deeply with my clients.