Communication Design

Fanny Alexandra Bylin

Bachelor of Communication Design Melbourne

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I’m a Swedish communication designer with a passion for visual storytelling and user experience. I’m an organised, highly motivated person and I love the process of design thinking and problem-solving. I like the feeling of achieving things and gaining new experiences. This has given me a versatile skillset within visual communication, including multiple Adobe programs, CSS/HTML and figma.


My concept for SPRINGS revolves around creating hair care products tailored for individuals with an adventurous and eco-conscious lifestyle. These products are specially designed to be used in marine environments, ensuring they dissolve seamlessly without harming the ecosystem. From the logo to the branding and campaign, this self-initiated project embodies my commitment to sustainability.

Project/Client Website

Kittelfjäll - A bilingual travel magazine

I created a print-ready 36-page bilingual magazine, featuring predominantly my own photographs. The magazine showcases the enchanting destination of Kittelfjäll in South Lapland, capturing the culture and nature of the area in both Swedish and English. This project served as my final assignment at university.

Project/Client Website