Communication Design

Charlotte Haynes

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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I am a creative artist with loads of imagination. I find inspiration through art galleries, watching musicals and most importantly my environment. I have a passion for simple, unique and creative designs. I am a positive person with the curiosity to question and the drive to learn. Professionally, I thrive on the challenge of building a brand’s visual identity chapter by chapter.

SPRINT - Brand Identity Design

SPRINT is a dynamic, fast-paced, and driven activewear brand. It embodies the spirit of speed, agility, and determination.

SPRINT aims to inspire individuals to push their limits, go beyond boundaries, and embrace an active lifestyle. With it’s logo depicting the letter "T" sprinting away, the brand portrays a sense of movement, progress, and forward momentum. SPRINT seeks to empower individuals to chase their goals, conquer challenges, and strive for excellence.

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Adore - Typography

Introducing Adore, a captivating and contemporary serif typeface that embodies style and sophistication. With its dynamically dancing and twisting letters, Adore showcases a harmonious fusion of modern aesthetics and timeless elegance. The soft curves, coupled with high contrast glyphs, create a visually striking typography experience that appeals to both feminine and masculine sensibilities.

Adore is a versatile typeface that shines in layout design, effortlessly elevating quotes and headings to new heights of visual impact. The elegant curves also make it a perfect choice for crafting distinctive logos or mastheads that leave a lasting impression. With Adore, you can effortlessly express hierarchy and establish a strong brand presence, as this typeface exudes a sense of refinement and individuality. Embrace Adore and unlock its potential to create stunning designs that captivate and inspire.

Project/Client Website