Communication Design

Jessica Sumendap

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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Hello there!

My name is Jessica Sumendap and I'm Indonesian. I recently completed a Bachelor of Communication Design at Billy Blue College of Design. My passion lies in typography, illustration, packaging and branding. I'm also an open-minded individual who welcomes suggestions and feedback to help me to improve as a designer. My goal is to develop my Communication Design career and expanding the skills that I've cultivated at college.

AGDA Seminar - Safety in Design Studio

The objective of this poster is to design a marketing collateral for AGDA to advertise a seminar for designers about the importance of safety in the design studios. This project was aimed for design professionals to inform and assist studios to navigate the increasingly complex copyright and intellectual property landscape.
The seminars are held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from July- August.

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Teariffic - Tea Packaging

Tearrific is a blend of organic tea consisted of three flavours such as green tea, jasmine and oolong. The name Tearrific comes from the word ‘tea’ and ‘terrific’. The objective of this brief is to create a healthy tea with natural ingredients. Teariffic is targeted for teenagers, young adults, adults and elderly specifically for busy, social who needs convenient size tea packaging.
The aim of this packaging project is to reduce overpackaging using extensive boxes, plastic wrapping. There is no need for individually wrapped tea bags.

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