Graphic Design

Asmaa Lekkat

Diploma of Graphic Design Ultimo

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Greetings from Sydney! I'm Asmaa, where my design journey unfolds, specializing in bringing brands to life through unique identities and eye-catching packaging.

Flux Kombucha - Raspberry Mint Label

The brief was to design the front and back label of their raspberry mint flavour kombucha with print specifications. (diecut and embellishments)
Flux is a new beverage brand that aims to enter the very trendy kombucha market. Flux offers an all-natural product with smart and effective packaging that incorporates a strong design aesthetic.

While it's true that creating the bleed for my artwork posed some challenges, I successfully navigated through the complexities, especially with images extending beyond the label. Additionally, for the kombucha letters, I utilized a white spot UV varnish to enhance their visual appeal. Despite the initial difficulties, I managed to overcome them and achieve the desired outcome.

VOGUE Codes Summit 2023

The objective of the project was to create a campaign that inspires and empowers Millennial and Gen Z women into a career in STEM.

My goal was to create a concept which represents the blossoming and growth of women through their careers and how by helping and sharing our knowledge with others not only are we elevating ourselves but also helping others flourish too.

At first when creating the florals they seemed to be too feminine so I brought them into Photoshop and used the plastic wrap filter in order to get a more techy look. I then went with a light pink background which gave me a similar colour palette to this year’s summit. That's when I started to play around with colours in order to create a refresh for the event. I chose bright colours as they attract the audience’s eye. They aren’t colours you would usually see on a daily bases. (They would make the event stand out). I combined the floral DNA with the molecules and made it stem related
but at the same feminine and approachable.