Branded Fashion Design

Will Maddock

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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As an artist, fashion design has opened my eyes to exclusive means of communication that is unparalleled with other forms of expression. It is for this reason that I am both ambitious and committed to a career in fashion design.

Dandies of D.SSENT

This collection was created for my brand, 'D.SSENT' as part of the completion of my final major work in Branded Fashion Design.

"Through a historical framework D.SSENT searches for the origin of the ‘Dandy’ and in doing so, encounters the debonair aesthetics of ‘Les Incroyables’ and ‘Muscadins’ amid the end of the French Revolution. Moving forward to 1950’s London, the collection is met with the style and attitudes of the ‘Teddy Boys’. The cross-continental tension between modern and traditional styles is exhibited through D.SSENT’s execution of tailoring, draping, asymmetry, and scale." D.SSENT

Bag, shirts, shorts, pants, and vest pattern made and sewn by yours truly.

Project/Client Website


This collection was designed as part of the brand development of my brand, 'D.SSENT'.

The collection name is titled 'GENESIS' and is AW23/24 exploring tone and sensitivity.