Branded Fashion Design

Michael Rosalky

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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My name is Mikey Rosalky based in Sydney Australia. I am looking forward to the new gene of fashion and am excited to expand my business. Similarly, to see what exciting new opportunities arise.


It is vital to challenge conventional notions of fashion, and this can be elegantly conveyed through the architectural design of the zodiac sign; Gemini. The collection will incorporate colours, patterns, and elements deeply rooted in the Gemini’s identity. In the same way that the Gemini’s adaptability, duality, versatility, and sense of humor can find expression in fashion. We also aim to explore the concept of gender in terms of styles, colours, and silhouettes. This collection will offer people a fresh perspective, evoke new emotions, and challenge their preconceived notions about fashion.

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Auras are a great method to show how people’s ideas can be transformed by fashion, which is central to the brand’s premise of how people’s emotional, mental, and psychological notions may be influenced by fashion. As previously said, the collection will feature colours that symbolise what auras can accomplish and how fashion may depict this perception of auras. Similalry, the idea of auras and how they change and layer, is essential to the collection by experiemntation of gender in fashion, colours and more. The collection will allow individuals to perceive new realities, new ways of understandings, new perspectives and new tomorrows.