Photo Imaging

Sarah Iskandar

Diploma of Photo Imaging Online

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I am Sarah, photographic artist and baby whisperer from Luminous Family Photography, in Brisbane. I love working with the littlest of clients, showcasing their big personalities with colours and custom set ups. I am growing my business, entering international competitions, and exploring other commercial opportunities with a family focus.

Baby Amirah

Baby Amirah's photos were captured over a period of 2 months. Not only did the parents want brand new infant images with her sleeping sweetly, they also wanted images of Amirah a little older too, when she started show her cheeky personality and give those little gummy smiles. I used multiple set up in our sessions to vary the colour and styling, reflecting the diversity of the family.

Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is a genre that requires patience and skill, not only in styling beautiful images with correct placement of light and body, but also in maintaining the safety of the baby at all time while still capture those heart melting images. I capture the intimate moments of a child's life, while drawing on the richness of their personality and heritage.