Photo Imaging

Cameron Oliva

Diploma of Photo Imaging Online

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Hi, I'm Cameron, a Brisbane-based photographer deeply passionate about capturing portraits and headshots. I thrive on connecting with people, delving into their unique narratives. My aim? Using photography as a tool for good, I look at working in the portrait and editorial field, seeking opportunities to expand my skill set and showcase the incredible stories waiting to be told.

Portaits of individuality

For my final assignment, I crafted portraits in my home studio, blending a single flash with natural light. Each subject, revealed their raw essence—a glimpse of their feelings in the moment. Through these portraits, I sought to encapsulate their authentic emotions and individuality.

Beeautify live brief

I captured these product shots as part of a live brief for Beeautify, a natural skincare company. They sought detailed product images and a model engaging with their offerings. Through these shots, I aimed to showcase the products' essence and their harmonious interaction with the model, fulfilling the assignment's requirements.