Graphic Design

Rueben Davis

Diploma of Graphic Design Ultimo

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G'day! My name is Rueben Davis, I am from the Eastern Suburbs of NSW and I have just finished a Diploma of Graphic Design.

I am a dynamic creative with a background in graphic design and photography, fueled by a deep passion for visual storytelling. Efficient in breathing life into ideas through captivating designs and immortalising moments through my lens.

Keen to get started in the design industry.


Crime Stoppers Rebrand

A holistic approach for today's reality.

Crime Stoppers currently has a reputation among young Australians as an organisation that has lost touch with the realities of today’s world. Its current branding, while effective at the time, is no longer relevant and requires a modern touch. There is a need to focus less on the outdated idea of crime as black and white, and redirect Australians to a modern and open minded viewpoint, encouraging community action and the safety of Australians through the use of anonymous reporting.

Tasked to redesign for the outdated Crime Stoppers brand, and create a design that can seamlessly be applied across various touch points. The logo design had to incorporate the colour blue and at least three rows of checkers. The result is a brand identity that strives for community action and highlights the use of anonymous reporting through Crime Stoppers.

Frosty Beer Cases

Frosty’s the go to for all young beer enthusiasts who just want to soak in the social scene without the hassle. No more stressing over the logistics, just crack a cold one and let Frosty handle the rest. It’s the easy, breezy way to amp up your social game. Cheers to keeping it cool, stay Frosty.

Tasked to create a unique design for a an existing product package category that could offer a more effective, innovative and meaningful consumer experience in relation to the way it is packaged. The selected category was beer cases, as they all are the same and have no user experience.

Frosty is a beer case that holds 18 x 375ml cans. There are several different cases that contain different beer flavours, such as, Pale Ales, IPA’S, and many more. When opening the package Frosty comes alive, as his ears extend and creates room for ice to be poured over your beers, essentially creating an esky. Made from recyable materials and lined with Frostshield, Frosty can be reused upto 5 times as an esky after initial use.