Mae Maillols

Bachelor of Gaming Ultimo

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I'm a Sydney based 2D and 3D artist with a love for video games, with particular interest in Sandbox, Survival Craft and Exploration games, my favourite being No Man's Sky. I'm looking to work in the games industry as a game artist, concept artist, or anything related to making characters and environments.


This is a game project that I made on my own for my Capstone project. I used Blockbench to make, paint and animate the models and programmed it in Unity using online resources.

Since I am not a programmer by any means, I had to do a lot of research and trial and error for my game's various systems to work together. Using forums and tutorials, I managed to build this game from the ground up on my own.

Magitopia is a simple game where you must gather ingredients, brew potions and sell them, then grow a special sort of fruit to bring to an altar at the top of the mountain. It is the first complete game I have built on my own, as all my previous projects were group work. This is by far my best work.

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Nakins - Tiny by Nature

The world of Nekins is something I hold dear to my heart. They are my very own creation I have nurtured and cultivated since High School, and have their own lore and lands that go into depth on their culture and everyday life.

I have always been fascinated by tiny things, especially in nature. Nekins are an incarnation of that fascination, and my passion for creation.

Motifs that often come back when designing Nekins are fishing, foods and cooking, exploration and foraging.

These little creatures are varied in design, much like my own ideas are varied in genre and subject. They are my ideal, in a way. Peaceful and close to nature, living together in a comfortable little world that spans from beach to peak. A touch of magic makes the world go round.

As much as I enjoy sharing these creations with others, I find myself sometimes unable to articulate or truly visualise what I want. This leads to me having many unfinished sketches sitting on the back burner. However, I sometimes return to those sketches and finsih them, using the extra time to think and experiment until I am able to figure out what I want my projects to look like.

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