Alexandra Drury

Bachelor of Gaming Ultimo

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Hi! I’m Alex, located in Sydney. My passion for making games started from combining my skills, and a long-time love of creating art and music, with my hobby of playing video games. I look forward to using my creative skills in 3D modelling to develop fun and immersive games.

Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time is a time travel horror video game I created with a team for Production Capstone. I was an artist and producer, meaning I created 3D assets for the game and helped make decisions and edits to the design of the level and gameplay.

These are two 3D models I modelled in Maya and textured in Substance Painter. I created Past (new) and Present (destroyed/old) versions of these 3D models for the past and present environments needed when the player time travels. The models I have created (as shown in these images) are the dining chair and the bedside table. I also created the dining table and heirloom (necklace) model for the game, as well as helped create the written notes in Procreate.

Project/Client Website

Ham's Cafe

Ham's Cafe is a game I created with Faris Hindi (programmer) in Unity for Game Production Foundations. We had to create a video game of our choosing, and we decided to go with a cute pixel art arcade game based around a hamster. I created all of the 2D-pixel art (both UI and character art) in Asesprite and composed the gameplay music using BeepBox.

I spent many hours learning about pixel art and refining the sprites. At one stage I had to resize the hamster sprite to allow for more details with the food sprites. This resulted in me needing to redo the hamster sprite, as you can see in the image depicting some of the iterations of the sprites used in the game. (Old to new = left to right, top to bottom)

Project/Client Website