Branded Fashion Design

Jack Croucher

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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My name is Jack Croucher and I live in Castle Hill, however, I frequently travel around the greater Sydney area. I have a strong ardent love for streetwear fashion and quirky, unique photography. I am looking for an entry-level job in the fashion industry, such as an assistant so I can learn the ins and outs of the fashion industry before becoming a professional fashion designer.

Range Plan for TRKSTR (Brand I created myself for my graduate collection)

My project was to create and design a 30-piece collection (minimum) for my graduate work. It had to relate to my brand's message, essence, and overall identity. I was the sole creative director and was in complete control of the design and creation of the garments. I designed these pieces with mood boards, trend research, and my own, determined creative brain. In the end, I made 6 of them (attached in the next project post).

Final Garments and Fashion Photography for Graduate Work

For this project, I had to design 6 garments and then make them. I then had to do a professional photoshoot that highlighted the garment in a unique way that related to my brand. I had professional help from a photographer and models to capture the look and vibe I was looking for.