Graphic Design

Daniel Loughton

Diploma of Graphic Design Online

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Hi, I'm Daniel.
I’m a Graphic Designer that helps brands communicate their unique story and purpose to their customers.

I love working with organisations and brands that have a genuine desire to promote a healthy society and better the lives of their customers. It is a privilege to partner with and contribute to these brands through graphic design.

I will help you uncover your ideas and story and create a lasting and impactful brand that will resonate with your customers.

Summer Fling

The Brief:
Create a brand identity for a new IPA being launched by craft beer company, Billy's Brew. The name Summer Fling was provided and the identity needed to reflect the brand's target audience.

The Solution:
The brand identity for Summer Fling incorporates a cartoon mascot being 'flung' by a slingshot, giving a unique connection with the name of the brand.

The typography was selected to also mirror the trajectory of the 'flung' sun, and provide the brandmark with the illusion of movement.

6056 Burger

The Brief:
Create a brand identity for 6056 Burger, an Australian burger restaurant chain that appeals to the target audience and is reflective of the business. The client requested that illustrations be featured throughout the brand identity.

The Solution:
The 6056 Burger brand identity is made up of a wordmark and a submark. This uses a hand-drawn script wordmark paired with a bold sans-serif font and a vintage-inspired colour scheme.

The hand-drawn script wordmark is inspired by the local area of Midland’s prevalence of ‘tagging’ and graffiti and seeks to reference that style.

The illustrations were created to represent the grunge, and rough aesthetic of the brand whilst also injecting humour and character into the branding so that both seriousness and fun were communicated to the audience.