Graphic Design

Cam Taylor

Diploma of Graphic Design Online

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Hi, I'm Cam. Sydney based graphic designer with a passion for typography and creating meaningful designs with a human centric focus. Looking to start my career as a junior designer in the industry while I continue to improve my skills and grow as a creative.

Pro-Portion Pasta

This brief required an existing packaging product on the market to be identified and explore ways in which more effective, innovative, and meaningful customer experiences can be had in relation to the way the product is packaged.

Packaged pasta was chosen as the product that had potential to be redesigned, with the focus on shifting away from traditional plastic packaging, as well as implementing a way of measuring a single serving size of pasta into the product. The main packaging would contain six individual compartments, each with an accurately measured single portion size of pasta contained within.

This concept of being able to properly and professionally measure a portion size is where the name ‘Pro-Portion Pasta’ was created. The branding for this product was designed to be modern and vibrant, with the exterior packaging intended to stand out on a supermarket shelf whilst merchandised amongst competitor products.

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Billy's Brew

Billy’s Brew is a brewery based in Noosa, Queensland that required a new label design for their new signature craft beer. The design for ‘Endless Summer’ was based on the idea of a never-ending summer spent at the beach gazing off into the sunset. The iconic concept of camping out by the beach in a combo van and waking to the sunrise for an early morning surf is also one that resonates with the culture and lifestyle of Noosa, and one that would have been experienced by many of the beer’s potential drinkers.

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