3D Design and Animation

Alexandre Songeon Senzaki

Bachelor of 3D Design and Animation Ultimo

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Hi! I’m Alex, a Sydney-based Japanese/French artist and animator looking for work in the games and animation industry. By pulling from my cultural backgrounds and experiences, I aim to share art and stories from a perspective that is unique and memorable to all!


Sundays is a 2D hand-drawn animated short film. It aims to capture my experience with bouldering and how it allows me to momentarily enter a state of presence where the only thing on my mind is to climb, regardless of how stressful life may be.

The entire project was created by myself in under 12 weeks from brainstorming to the final render. Techniques used include sketching, concept art, storyboarding, character animation, background art, post-processing, sound design and more. It was a great opportunity to push my skills across various disciplines to their limits and see what I could create by fully dedicating myself in this strict timeframe.

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Hope, Healing and Sunflowers

A short documentary of Australia-based Ukrainian painter Olena Vigovska, sharing the power of art to heal hearts as war rages back home.

This documentary was filmed in March of 2023 when fear and uncertainty filled the hearts of people affected by the war in Ukraine. Although my experience with live-action film was limited I was inspired to share the hope that Olena, my childhood art teacher, held for these uncertain times and the power art has to support the hearts of the wounded.

Production of this project was done on my own from start to finish, however, this film only exists thanks to Olena Vigovska for being willing to share her beautiful stories.

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