3D Design and Animation

Aaron de Freitas-Antoine

Bachelor of 3D Design and Animation Ultimo

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My name is Aaron de Freitas-Antoine. I create under the moniker 'REDBACKGOBLIN', and I live in Sydney, Australia. I am personally inspired by movies, comics, music, and gaming in the projects I develop. I'm looking for work as an asset modeler for films.

Nintendo 3DS — Realism

This project was a personal one intended to help me develop my skills in Blender, particularly with modelling, texturing, and showcasing my work. To date, it's one of my favourite models.

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Iron Man Toy Helmet — Realism

The goal for this project was to create a realistic 3D asset, paying attention to details such as screws, and indents, and other such things. Modelling was done in Autodesk Maya, texturing in Adobe Substance Painter, and the final renders were done with Cycles in Blender, as I wasn't happy with the original Arnold render (image 4).

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