Interior Design Commercial

Zoe Schubert

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial

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My name is Zoe Schubert, a Graduate Interior Designer based in Sydney, NSW. I am passionate about creating long-lasting interiors that tell a story. I am excited to gain experience and learn in this multi-faceted and exciting industry!

Blues Point Penthouse

Blues Point apartment was a project defined by luxury; with 2 floors and harbour views, the intention was to create an experience for the client and their guests.

The kitchen materiality complements the luxurious, optimized layout with a calacatta viola stone island finished with travertine fluting, shaker style warm grey panelled cabinets, and brass fixtures.

In the private realms the bedroom features a bespoke curved headboard, with a bed frame that matches its character. A seating area can be found here, placed in front of harbour views.

The ensuite features limestone tiled floors, a custom curved calacatta gold vanity, and a bathtub with a view of the Sydney harbour.

Creating a feeling of comfort throughout the private and public realms was of great importance; herringbone timber flooring, brass fixtures, creamy coloured curtains, and a gas fireplace for the cool winter or autumn nights all contributed to create this feeling.

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Funkis Swedish Forms

Funkis Swedish Forms is a predominantly women's clothing, shoes, accessories, and gifts store located in the leafy streets of Paddington, Sydney.

Although innovative, Funktionalism stands for purpose and function. Everything in this space has a purpose and is cohesive in its materiality and form. 3D printed concrete is utilised throughout the design and is characterized by its sustainable properties and flexibility in creating unique forms. Dark gray concrete flooring, plywood, unfilled vein-cut travertine, and blush pink soft furnishings are scattered throughout the design, oozing soft femininity.

Inspired by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren who wrote "Pippi Longstockings", this space is intended to inspire women to be strong, different, and kind. I also intended for the interior to educate and inspire women about influential Swedish women such as Astrid Lindgren. A projection screen is partially concealed at the back of the retail space displaying various interviews and influential footage for this purpose.

From the storefront entrance concealing the retail space, to entering the open, transcendent retail space with projections softly playing in the background, Funkis Swedish Forms is a store designed to be an experience and to empower, educate, and inspire all.

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