Diploma of Graphic Design

Zac Belmonte

Diploma of Diploma of Graphic Design

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Hello. My name is Zac Belmonte.

I design, paint and create from the beautiful plains of Bathurst, New South Wales. I am creative all round, but specialise in branding, visual identity systems and strategic communication strategies.

My personal design studio, Belmonte Foundry, services the Central West and beyond. I Partner with visionary business owners to craft intentional brands that differentiate and deliver. Every client is unique, but my objective has always remained the same; craft dynamic, innovative and lasting designs that are not only great but tell an even greater story.


OCTEC is dedicated to Inspiring humanity.

Since 1976, OCTEC has strived to provide individuals with training and employment services that not only create thriving communities, but creates a window of opportunity for personal growth. This mantra was the driving force behind the project. To align the company’s visual identity to this mantra, I designed a brand around one’s personal journey. The new identity system is flexible to accommodate the company’s various sub-brands and partnerships.

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Belmonte Foundry

Belmonte Foundry is my personal design studio and is a personification of who I am as a person.

I set myself the challenge to create an identity that echoed the redolence of the rolling emerald hills of the Tuscan countryside. A muted colour palette ensures that my work and portfolio pieces take centre stage.

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