Interior Design and Decoration

Vy Nguyen

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Brisbane

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My name is Vy, I come from beautiful Vietnam and recently graduated from Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration at Torrens University, Australia. As I progress through this course, my passion for Interior Design deepens, and I am looking to expand my knowledge through a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design.

I am actively looking for a part-time position or internship at an architectural/ interior design firm with a hope to acquire more knowledge and contribute my skills and passion to the industry. If you want to learn more about me or simply want to grab a coffee, feel free to drop a message!

The Gumbugam Library and Community Centre

This project is a part of an initiative run by Cassowary Coast Regional Council to provide a place where members of the local community can gather, work or play.

The Gumbugam Library and Community Centre is a multi-purpose interactive space with the aim to reflect the rich culture and history of the traditional owners of Innisfail – Mamu people. The space curates a sense of belonging, acts as a declaration on the rights of Mamu people, promoting the education and dissemination of their culture/ history as a form of respect and reconciliation. At The Gumbugam Library and Community Centre, deep connection to their origin is nurtured through the celebration of art, culture, education and community bonding.

Located near Johnstone River and deep gorges of rainforests where Mamu people originally live, the ground floor layout is arranged to imitate the map of Innisfail with Johnstone River meandering through acting as a circulation indicator. The concept is closely linked to the culture/ history of Mamu people, with Aboriginal artworks, sustainable materials, the high-rise structures mimicking the trees in the deep forest gorges where they used to live. The design curates a sense of belonging and delivers expressive narratives with intuitive juxtaposition of old and new whilst prioritizing spiritual wellbeing of occupants.

Scotland Island House

Coming from Finland with a big swimming history in their family, a couple in their 60s decided to have a holiday house in Scotland Island to be surrounded by wonderful Australian nature and waters to express their swimmer's spirit. They envision a spacious, secret chamber integrated with a kitchen/bar area for entertaining up to 20 guests. The design should reflect a speakeasy/gentleman's club vibe but is open to contemporary style.

The aim is to create a space that resembles a cabinet of curiosities. The focal point is the De Gournay hand-painted "Fishes" wallpaper on the larder room ceiling, symbolizing the cohesive concept of the entire space. Through rare and extraordinary objects, occupants embark on a journey through humanism, science, and magical eras. Kinetic lighting and artisan finishes create a luxurious and whimsical hidden world. Natural materials and mismatching items represent Scotland Island's invigorating environment with unique landscape and flora/ fauna.