Diploma of Graphic Design

Tiana Bracci

Diploma of Diploma of Graphic Design

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Hi, I'm Tiana from Melbourne, Victoria. I love branding, packaging, and finished art! I'm looking forward to working in the graphic design field and can't wait to expand my skills and try new experiences.

Bobby's Brew

This project involved creating beer labels for a new Queensland craft beer and focused on embellishments and finished art files. The chosen embellishment was Spot UV which will feature on the black ‘Endless Summer’, the logo, and the combi van.

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Ball & Doggett

This work experience project had a live brief with Ball & Doggett. Ball & Doggett had a new Formakote paper range which they wanted samples created for. The samples and a form of packaging was required, with sustainability being the biggest requirement.

Ink and blind embossing were used to help differentiate each type of stock, as well as provide a pleasant tactile experience.

Project/Client Website