Branded Fashion Design

Tanaka Magoche

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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Tanaka Magoche, currently based in Brisbane. I live for sewing and illustration and I am working on turning that into a career in the design room. I am looking to work as a garment technician or junior designer.

Celebration Collection Autumn/Winter 2024

As part of my final collection I designed coordinated clothing for the modern African-Australian market. I sourced fabrics, made all patterns and constructed the garments. I combined applique and bead embroidery on the womenswear, and learned tailoring for the menswear pant.

Celebration Collection Autumn/Winter 2024

This matching set of garments was designed and made by me as part of the third drop of my final collection. I designed the two fabric prints on the dress to complement the menswear pant and shirt. This incorporates an applique organza window on the right shoulder and left bodice, using machine embroidery.